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Articles & Book Reviews

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Article: Rasouli case shows need to be proactive about treatment


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Article: A loving effort for a last Christmas

Upcoming Events

20th International Congress on Palliative Care

September 9-12, 2014

If you misssed the 16th Annual Sandra Goldberg lecture, click here to watch it now.


Audio clip

Listen to this audio clip from The Sunday Edition on CBC Radio documentary "A Word About the Deceased"

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Please check our Video Archives pages for video from our past events.

The Council can speak of tangible accomplishments in the following domains:
  • Lobbying

At the university and at the provincial level of the health care system for increased funding for palliative care.

  • Education:

Public Lectures (Please go to our Upcoming Events page for details on the next lecture in the series)
Annual Sandra Goldberg Memorial Lecture
During Palliative Care Week, which takes place in May each year, the Council sponsors the Annual Sandra Goldberg Memorial Lecture. This lecture is a part of the Council’s series Lessons In Living From the Dying.
Annual R. David Bourke Memorial
Each year the Council sponsors an event to honour the memory of David Bourke who was a founding Chairman of the Council.
International Congress
The Council sponsors a plenary at the International Congress on Care of the Terminally Ill, which takes place biennially in Montreal.
The Council organizes workshops at many different locations in the greater Montreal area. These workshops are offered to caregivers, healthcare professionals and the general public.
  • Special Projects

Resource Folder
The Council has put together a Resource Folder relevant to Palliative Care in the Greater Montreal area. The folder has been distributed to organizations and institutions to be given to caregivers and families of terminally ill patients. It includes a bilingual CD of the book, “Caring For Loved Ones At Home”. If you are interested in having a folder please call the Council.
Humour Carts
Humour is widely accepted for its positive psychological and physiological effects. A “humour cart” is a mobile, multi-media unit with humorous audio-visual material. The Council has donated two carts to institutions in the Montreal area.
There is no charge for lectures or workshops sponsored by the Council.
For further information on any of our events please contact us here.


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