Month: December 2016

Comparing Lipozene and Resveratrol – Do They Work the Same Way to Reduce Weight?

Everybody likes to maintain a healthy and well toned body. Excess weight is a trigger for many health problems like hypertension, diabetes, arthritis and heart diseases. The best way to maintain a healthy body is through consumption of a balanced diet and regular physical exercises. However, the lure for junk foods is so high that people consume them and look… Read more →

Cure tonsil stones

If you are having a solid mass over the back of the throat which pains continuously and you smell like a hell, you are having tonsil stones. Tonsil stones or tonsilloliths are solid white or yellowish round shaped firm structure that occurs in our tonsillar tissues. As the tonsil gets inflamed after infection, dead tonsillar tissues accumulate inside the tonsillar… Read more →

Useful Article for Blister Healing

Just came across this interesting blister curing tip  from a guy named Gary Townsend… figured I’d post it up here: The First Step Towards Healing Your Blisters The first step to healing your blisters forever is to lean about the enemy. You know that saying “keep your friend close and your enemies closer”? Well, this is key when it comes to… Read more →