3 Biggest Miskates People Make Regarding Face Fat

With the overload of information on the internet about how to lose chubby cheeks, getting in shape and living a healthy lifestyle, a lot of people end up overwhelmed and frustrated.  What’s worse is that, a lot of those “expert” sites are not accurate or completely confusing leaving people with no results or even getting their health in a worse shape than they started with.

Well, if you fall into any of the above, then not to worry because we are here to help and show you how to lose weight in your face. John Socratous reveals the 3 most common myths that stand in the way of losing face fat.

Myth #1: Starving the fat of your body will automatically draw your cheeks in

The truth is you will end up with an emaciated body, prone to diseases and your cheeks sunken instead of sculpted ones.  Also, if your brain doesn’t get enough calories, it doesn’t have the energy to function properly, which can lead to mood swings, lack of concentration, drowsiness and even chronic depression.

Myth #2: Simply doing these facial exercises over and over will lead me to supermodel cheeks while eating whatever I want to, whenever I want.

The truth is if you wan to achieve those beautiful cheeks, you have to do the facial exercises ALONG with good nutrition (yes, I know, I love to eat too).

Even though you maybe slim, you may still have water retention in your face, which blows up your cheeks and makes your skin puffy and droopy.

The most effective way to eliminate excessive amount of water is by regulating the food you eat while eliminating the toxins that you have in your system due to poor food choices and lack of exercise.

Also, as we age, our skin loses much of its elasticity and suppleness.  Therefore we need to revitalize and recharge our bodies with healthy fat, good carbohydrates, a lot of vitamins and minerals and PLENTY of water.

Check here for low cheekbones vs high cheekbones.

Myth #3: Face exercises will make my skin look wrinkly and old

This is the most common belief people have about facial fitness.  I was one of those people.  And the truth is that face should be treated like any other part of the body.  Just like you exercise the muscles in your arms, you should be exercising the muscles in you face.  If you don’t, they shrivel up or become loose due to long spells of inactivity.

When you begin to utilize those muscles, they begin to regain their flexibility and tone.  Also, (and this is what got my attention, being a 35 year old woman), exercise increases the circulation of blood, and nutrients to your skin, which delays the ageing process and thus, wrinkles.

So when you chose to do the face exercises, not only do you make the muscles stronger and you get rid of chubby cheeks, you’re also firming your skin, slowing down the ageing process and getting a youthful glow! What woman (or a guy) wouldn’t want that?!