A Simple Plan: Hemorrhoids

Learn About Common Causes of Hemorrhoids

Basics on Hemorrhoids

The lining or opening of the anal region is lined with swollen veins, when pertaining to this condition. The external, internal and prolapse hemorrhoids are the three types. Internal hemorrhoid can be easily detected compared to the other types and it usually is painless. The external hemorrhoid is very painful compared to the internal ones.

The causes

Some people are congenitally prone to this condition because of the weak veins in the anal region. This is usually caused by increased pressure during defecating; usually the stools are hard to pass so the person would need to strain more than usual and this would put too much pressure on the veins of the anal region. A low fiber diet can lead to hard stools that can be hard to pass. Pregnant women are also prone to having hemorrhoids but once they deliver the baby, the hemorrhoids will then heal and disappear on its own.


Bleeding in the rectal area, discomfort and pain when defecating are usual symptoms experienced by those having hemorrhoids. Often, a mucous discharge is produced and itching can occur around the opening of the anal region. Clot formation can be a complication of one type of hemorrhoid β€” the prolapse hemorrhoid. This clot could then result in reduced blood supply which can then cause intense pain and prolonged bleeding.

Usually, when people have hemorrhoids, they would ask if how long the hemorrhoids will last. The condition may not be terminal and major but the discomfort and suffering that they feel are tremendously high. Knowing how many days the hemorrhoids can last can be helpful in the pain threshold of the person suffering from the pain and discomfort. It should be noted that the severity of the condition should be assessed first before knowing when the illness can end. Well, if the hemorrhoid is caused by a sudden hard formation of the stool, then it can be readily medicated by prescription drugs. Usually, it would take 7 to 4 days for the condition to pass. But if the condition has complicated then it would take longer for the swollen vein and the complication to heal.

Home remedies are the best option for most people who are suffering from hemorrhoids. Your diet can definitely be your true hero when curing hemorrhoids. If home remedies cannot do the trick, you can opt for topical creams.

There are circumstances wherein the complication cannot be medicated by drugs alone and surgery is a needed option. The surgery is a major resort when healing hemorrhoids because of the cost and the long recovery period. There are actually several remedies established these days.

Having hemorrhoids can be a pain the butt β€” literally; but once you know the possible treatment methods, this can be easily healed.