Cure tonsil stones

If you are having a solid mass over the back of the throat which pains continuously and you smell like a hell, you are having tonsil stones. Tonsil stones or tonsilloliths are solid white or yellowish round shaped firm structure that occurs in our tonsillar tissues. As the tonsil gets inflamed after infection, dead tonsillar tissues accumulate inside the tonsillar crypts. The dead bacteria or virus also are deposited over the same area. Together with the minerals like calcium and magnesium, these masses fuse together to form the tonsil stone, medically termed as tonsilloliths.

The main problem in tonsil stone is constant pain in the throat and bad breath. The mass continuously irritates the tonsillar tissue giving rise to moderate to severe pain over the area. The core of the tonsil stone undergoes putrefaction by the presence of sulfur producing bacteria giving rise to bad breath.

Natural tonsil stones cure

Some people are prone to develop tonsil stone. You can eliminate the predisposing factors of tonsil stone by some lifestyle modification. Milk and dairy products are notorious to help in the formation of tonsil stone. They are rich in calcium and also help in the secretion of mucus. Eliminating these items from your diet will help to prevent the formation of tonsil stone. Regular brushing and dental flossing with cleaning of tongue will dislodge any tiny tonsillolith that may turn into a bigger shape. Fluoride present in the toothpaste also helps in the neutralization of sulfur producing bacteria. Avoid going to bed just after taking food. Any small food particle that is present in the tonsil will help in multiplication of bacteria. Regular gurgling with saline water or mouthwash also helps in the reduction of bacterial load in the tonsillar tissues.

All these can minimize the chance of formation of tonsil stones. But no medicine will help you to cure Cure Tonsil Stones if they are bigger in shape. Surgical removal of the tonsillolith with or without tonsillectomy is the definitive management. But this involves much post operative pain and there also fair chance of bleeding from the wound. The cost of the operation is also much higher. The success of operation depends upon the skill of the surgeon. Nasal sprays, nasal drops and cough syrups are useless in curing tonsil stone as they do not address the root cause of the disease. Only temporary improvement of symptoms may occur. They sore throat recurs as you discontinue the medicine.

There is another excellent cure

Chinese herbal treatment for tonsil stone has proven itself for effective cure from the stone. This is a simple 3-step medical remedy that does not involve any kind of complex dietary techniques. The tonsil stone is cured within 2 weeks time and the cure is permanent as this management tackles the main cause of the disease.