Learn How To Comprehensively Improve Your Personality!

Personality is not only a combination of sound character and temperament but also a perfect blend of countless intricate features. Your demeanor in front of other people defines your attitude. You might know the common personality like romantic or sage or sapiosexual and understanding the meaning of this simple word, attitude, is the most essential aspect of improving your all-round personality. Attitude, for instance, is usually of three types: Positive, negative, and winning. It is always preferred that you neither rely on positive nor on negative attitude to excel in life. You should inculcate only those habits or etiquette’s that would help you attain winning attitude. Because in the end, it is ‘winning’ that matters the most.

Additionally, you are required to conduct yourself in a sublime manner, both in professional and personal life. To comprehend the meaning of conduct, you can look at many renowned personalities such as Barrack Obama, Warren Buffet, Ratan Tata, Julia Gillard, and Marissa Mayer. The list doesn’t end here. It contains many other world leaders who have been an inspiration to millions of people. To commence the process of self improvement, you should look for an inspirational character. There must be a person in this entire world whom you adore and respect from the deepest corner of your heart. Simply read their biographies, listen to their speeches or conversations, observe their actions, and contemplate their reactions. This would open you to the world of ‘change’. You will be required to throw away certain inherent traits to bring a change in your personality. Most important, you should never resist that change. Let it open you to the world of endless opportunities. If you find difficulty in this, do not hesitate to join a course on ‘change management’. These are readily available at many art of living centers. Besides change management, you are required to infuse several other good qualities. Below is a shortlist of some activities which considerably affects your life.

a.) Body Language – You must have never wondered how simple gestures could send explanatory signals to other people. The way you walk, stand, sit, or react, defines your personality. It is hard to digest, but the people around you actually observe your every little move. However, you can improve body language in 5 easy steps: one, look straight into the eyes while talking to someone. Two, never abruptly interrupt a person who is explaining something to you, instead, pay attention. Three, correct your posture while sitting or standing. Four, shake hands in a calm and composed manner. If you are offering to shake hands, always face your palm upwards. Five, infuse confidence in your nerves. Don’t stutter or stammer while facing truth. Likewise, you can look for minute things in day to day life that will showcase confidence and maturity in your personality.

b.) Behavior – How you react to a particular situation illustrates your persona. You should learn to react comprehensively to demanding situations. Never be too aggressive or too friendly. Control your anger even in the worst of situations. Anger is the root cause of all evils. At the same time, you should know how to handle a contradictory situation. Meditation and Yoga can help to bring peace to your mind. These few lifestyle changes can transform your personality to a great extent. More important, believe in whatever you do. And remember, good things come to those who ‘try’.