Natural Dry Cough Remedies

While coughing can be irritating and unnerving, sufferers should know that their coughing does come with benefits for the body. Two types of cough are most common. Chest coughing is the one you get phlegm with and dry coughing does not produce any phlegm. Sufferers should know that choosing natural remedies for getting rid of dry cough fast can help to increase the benefits gained by the body from coughing.

The type of coughing you are dealing with is a determining factor for choosing the best ingredients for treating it. Some ingredients are specifically for certain aspects of coughing. If you are coughing up a great deal of phlegm, you will need an ingredient different than the one best for a dry cough.

Before treating persistent, nagging coughing with a home remedy, you should visit your doctor and learn the source of your cough. If you have a disease, you may need further treatment that might include antibiotics. However, most natural cough remedies make healing easier and more comfortable for you.

Ceasing coughing altogether may not be the best solution to getting rid of it for good. The respiratory disease can heal better when coughing is productive and great deal of phlegm is removed from the lungs and airways. In some illnesses like pneumonia, . The phlegm holds the bacteria responsible for making you sick. Choosing a remedy that helps increase coughing productivity is best if you are dealing with a disease or illness.

Treating dry coughing means you selecting the ingredient best for soothing irritation of the throat and airways. Dry coughs are generally caused by external irritants like smoke or fumes. The complete cessation of coughing completely is beneficial and can be done with some great tasting treatments that include honey and sugar. When using ingredients like honey, you never have to worry about the side effects that come with some prescription and over the counter preparations. Many medications for this issue causes drowsiness and nausea.

The Ingredients That Make A Difference

Honey is used in a variety of recipes made for coughing. It is full of antioxidants and it coats the throat easily as well. Manuka honey is a popular choice for medicinal remedies containing this sweet ingredient. However, most honey products sold made from the honey bee will do also. Many of the mixtures using honey also contain apple cider vinegar and whiskey.

Slippery Elm Bark has been used for many years for easing coughs and making them more productive as well. The Native American Indians used it with great success as an expectorant. Slippery Elm Bark is available in supplement form at most retailers selling vitamins and other natural ingredients.

The simplest natural cough remedies come from you avoiding bad habits like smoking. You should also take time to keep your home free from dust and debris, especially in heating and cooling vents. Caring for your total health can help to prevent many illnesses that have severe coughing as a symptom. Always consult your physician about coughing that will not go away and is accompanied by other symptoms like fever and nausea.