The Beginners Guide To Know When Passing Drug Tests

For most professional athletes, it is just a common thing for them to deal with random drug testing prior to a certain game they are scheduled to be able to rule out the possibility of having the presence of prohibited drugs. Aside from that, the testing is usually taking place in the workplaces because employers want to be certain that all their employees follow their company rules. In the event that you’re working in a place wherein there’s a high possibility of random drug testing to take place, then it is going to be helpful if you know some info on how you could pass it.

The simple fact that a lot of people are being involved in these kinds of situations sometimes put them in great trouble.

Dealing with Random Tests – in the event that you already know beforehand when is the scheduled drug testing, then it will give you sufficient amount of time to be certain that you will come up clean. Your real dilemma will take place if you do not have prior notice that there is going to be a test. By the time when you are notified that you will be examined, then it will be important to have remedial action. Making an effort to do this without causing any suspicion could be daunting and it will leave you with just limited options.

Blood and Saliva Testing – it is vitally important that you have enough information regarding the different methods that are typically administered in sporting events and workplace. The most usual types of drug testing include blood and saliva testing. When it is a blood test, an extract of blood from the person will be required that will be sent to the lab. On the other hand, the saliva test involves swabbing the inner part of the cheeks by making use of cotton swab; and because this process is very simple, it is widely used in several workplaces.

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Hair and Urine Testing – urinalysis or urine drug testing is involving the collection of urine that’s taken and examined for creatinine levels and temperature. To be able to know if drugs are present in the subject’s system, a hair follicle drug testing is done by taking some hair strands from the subject. This kind of drug test is very hard to trick as any signs of the toxin will remain in hair for several months because of slow hair growth.

Detoxifying the system – people are trying different types of methods to be able to pass such test and sometimes, it includes urine dilution and substitution. These methods are difficult to get away with especially when the process is random. One process that might work is by detoxifying the system, but this will still depend on the amount of time that you have.