Vyvanse And Alcohol – Stop! It’s A Fatal Combination

Have you ever heard about the Vyvanse? If not then allow me to give you some information about Vyvans. Vyvanse is a drug which is recommended by the doctors to treat the hyperactivity disorders especially in children. In this disorder’ the person is unable to give much attention to the normal activities like reading and studying. If some one is talking to a person that is suffering with hyperactivity disorder; then one will find difficulty how could he actively convey his concept to that person who is having this disorder. Talking about the treatment of this disorder, the doctor doesn’t completely emphasize on the use of medicine to treat this disorder.

Besides this, other treatments like social and psychological treatments are the part of the treatment plan. As we are taking in account of the drug vyvanse, the active ingredient of this drug is Lisdexamfetamine. This chemical ingredient increases the ability of the person to pay attention by making some chemical stimulation in the brain and helps a person to stay focused on his work. This drug belongs to the group of the medicine which is known as Stimulants. These types of medicines are thought to be working in a definite way that they restore the balance of the chemicals in the brain which are neurotransmitters. Once, the neurotransmitters start doing their normal function it helps the person to stay focused on it’s work.

Human body works in a natural balance of all system; if once the system is disturbed it’s effects can be observed in almost all parts of the body. As doctors prescribe some medicines to control the specific disease or body condition symptoms, the medicine induces some changes in the body which could be beneficial or may be harmful. Keeping our medicine of interest in context, it causes both beneficial and harmful changes in the body.

It helps the body by restoring the natural balance of the neurotransmitters in the brain and helping one to focus on his work. Besides this, it also causes many side effects in the body, which includes weight loss, restlessness, and loss in appetite, sweating, dizziness, drying of mouth, headaches. Besides this, it also cause vomiting, nausea, and pain in stomach or abdomen.

It is also in our common observation that most of the people start taking medicine at their own without consulting the doctor and taking advice. This thing is wrong and instead of giving any advantage, it will result in some serious problems. If it interacts with the food or drinking of a person and that interaction is not beneficial then what one should one do? In that case, he ultimately consults the doctor so it is good to make precautionary measures by consulting a doctor before start taking any kind of medicine. This is important because if person is using some other medicine at the same time; it is best to take the advice of the expert person. In some cases, the two drugs may interact with each other and that condition will be serious if both drugs work against each other.

Coming back to point, the medicine vyvanase can interact with food, alcohol and other medicine. It is said that that there are about 2200 drugs with which it can interact and these interaction are of three types, moderate, major and minor. It doesn’t directly interact with the food but it causes the side effects which are related to food processing and taking in body. Loss in appetite, speeding up metabolism and dry mouth are common in this case.

Now regarding about the conditions of vyvanse and alcohol, there are many cases reported in this scene. It is recommended for this medicine that it should be taken with water by mixing in it. Some people in this regard of their drinking habit try to take this medicine with alcohol for getting a vyvanase high for himself. This is very harmful because firstly the alcohol is very dangerous for the body and secondly when vyvanse and alcohol are going in the body at same time, then serious type of health problems could result. People feel much severe pain in head and stomach, also suffers blood pressure disorders which even could be fatal. So it is recommend that while using any medicine always consult the doctor and get to know about the interaction of that medicine with the other intakes of food and drinks you may like to have.